Franchise Development and Operation

Franchising is an excellent way to expand your business.

The franchise business model can be applied successfully to almost any type of business.

But did you know …

  • Franchising is highly regulated in the United States and, in some instances, abroad?
  • In the U.S., a mishmash of state and federal franchise laws control the process?
  • 15 states have franchise disclosure laws and many more have business opportunity laws?
  • Calling a “franchise” by another name (“start-your-own-business,” “license,” “distributorship” or “business opportunity”) seldom sidesteps the franchise laws?
  • Approximately 20 states have franchise relationship laws?

Navigating the maze of franchise laws and regulations can be a daunting task but with the proper guidance you can develop a competitive and legally-compliant franchise system.

Experience, knowledge and direction are essential to the franchise development process. Starting a franchise system is a collaborative, symbiotic process that we embrace with each new venture. And, once you are up and running, we are ready to assist with your day-to-day questions and challenges.

We are ready to help with all of your franchise development needs.

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