Buying a Franchise

Buying a franchise is the biggest investment you will ever make...

...but some people think they can go it alone. That’s when their biggest investment turns into their biggest mistake.

Franchising continues to be the preferred choice when starting a new business … but your fate is tied to the franchisor and family of franchisees. Choose carefully...

There is much to learn...

  • What is an FDD?
  • What if it is a “license”? Do I still need an attorney?
  • Can I negotiate?
  • When do I consult with an attorney?
  • How much will I make?
  • What is a national ad fund?
  • The salesman told me I could expect great returns but I don’t see it in the FDD?

Client education is where we begin. That’s why Jim authored How to Buy a Franchise. Franchise buyers should have a thorough understanding of franchising before looking into specific franchise concepts or systems. Investigating the business, the franchise system and the unit economics are crucial. Only when our client has a complete understanding of the business, the franchisor and the franchise agreement are they ready to purchase.

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